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We are excited that Snowbo is now available for pre-orders as we prepare for our first production run after completing 3 winters of successful field trials. The first batch of Snowbo is getting ready to tackle the next winter season starting October 2019. The reliable Snowbo saves you the cost and hassle of snow removal contracts.

Snowbo comes with a docking station and 4 beacons. It only requires a 15 minutes setup, after which it will continuously monitor and clean your driveway, so that you never have to shovel snow again.

The first batch of Snowbos will soon be in production. You can still pre-order your Snowbo and have it delivered by January 2020. We are offering a $325 discount if you pre-order yours today. Only pay $50 today and $1,500 when your Snowbo ships in January 2020.

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** pre-order deposits are fully refundable. Snowbo comes with a 90 days money back guarantee, a 2 year full warranty + 2 years extended warranty.