About Us

Our robots will make your life easier.

We started Roboworx to automate home chores by providing intuitive autonomous robots that act intelligently in a household environment. Our robots provide convenience, peace of mind and free up customers from laborious, time consuming often unsafe chores. Our first product, Snowbo, is a fully autonomous Snow Thrower.
Roboworx is based in Boston, with offices in California and Warsaw.


Dr. Bachir Kharraja

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kharraja brings over 20 Years experience in disruptive technologies. He previously served as vice president of engineering and research and development at Rypos. Before that he served as a Director at Bluefin Robotics working on autonomous under water vehicles AUVs. Prior to Bluefin, he led several technical, operation and business programs at iRobot home division.

Youssri Helmy

Founder & Chairman

Youssri is currently the Founder & CEO Eonite Perception, he is a company builder and engineer who has successfully cofounded, operated and exited several startups globally. He has over 25 years of experience in engineering, product management, marketing, and business development in a wide range of technologies. Prior to Eonite he was a General Partner at Newbury Ventures/Rising Tide.